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Our Organization:
  1)  Is dedicated to the IBM i Power Server Platform
  2)  Designs & builds powerful Business Applications
  3)  Author and creator of the SALUTE Framework
  4)  Assists with the integration of work-flow and data 
  5)  Train any ongoing SALUTE Support Staff needed

Your Organization:
   1)  Also committed to IBM's Midrange Server - IBM i
2)  Need additional Business Application capabilities
3)  Looking for new and creative Software Solutions

IBM i (iServer-AS/400)

We have been developing native software for the IBM i since its introduction.  This server platform is as reliable and relevant today as it ever has been.

IBM i - Power Systems | IBM

“Executive Summary:  In today’s fast-paced and rapidly evolving business ecosystem, managing an operating system or the applications running on it should be a business leader’s last concern. IBM i is an environment that integrates an operating system with the database, virtualization layer, application server, and transactional system. The reliability and security of this environment makes it possible for businesses to reduce system downtime and admin support costs, as well as improve frontline task workers’ productivity.”

Our Approach to
Software Solutions


Business Analyst

Organized & Committed

The role of the Business Analyst is crucial.  

Evaluating past and current business data with the primary goal of improving decision-making processes within the organization.

Working together with stakeholders to identify goals and best practices by analyzing work flow within the organization.

Working on Laptop

SALUTE Framework

The SALUTE Framework is the name given to our solution development efforts over the last 30 plus years. The diagram below identifies some of the elements that go into a solution. These elements along with technology form the building blocks of solutions and are intended to spark an interest on your part. Please Contact Us to schedule an initial 15 minute phone call.

Electronic Circuit
SALUTE Framework Implementation Basic.png

Run your business effectively & efficiently with excellence while utilizing your existing commitment to the IBM i computer system.

Image by Sergey Zolkin

Project Team Staff
and Support Staff

Staffing the Implementation Project team and the training of all ongoing Support Staff in any IT based project is seldom easy. There is no magic pill or quick fix - it is a lot of effort and commitment on everyone's part as each phase of the project is undertaken.  AEi's main role is to make sure the SALUTE Framework performs well, meets operational objects as defined, and lastly to establish an ongoing & competent support team.

Contact Us

Contact Us

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so that future conversations will be productive and helpful for all.

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