Our Organization:
  1)  Is dedicated to the IBM i Power Server Platform
  2)  Designs & builds powerful Business Applications
  3)  Author and creator of the SALUTE Framework
  4)  Assists with the integration of work-flow and data 
  5)  Train any ongoing SALUTE Support Staff needed

Your Organization:
   1)  Also committed to IBM's Midrange Server - IBM i
2)  Need additional Business Application capabilities
3)  Looking for new and creative Software Solutions

IBM i (iServer-AS/400)

We have been developing native software for the IBM i since its introduction.  This server platform is as reliable and relevant today as it ever has been.

IBM i - Power Systems | IBM

“Executive Summary:  In today’s fast-paced and rapidly evolving business ecosystem, managing an operating system or the applications running on it should be a business leader’s last concern. IBM i is an environment that integrates an operating system with the database, virtualization layer, application server, and transactional system. The reliability and security of this environment makes it possible for businesses to reduce system downtime and admin support costs, as well as improve frontline task workers’ productivity.”

Our Approach to
Software Solutions

IBM Platform

IBM i, formally known as an IBM AS/400 (AS stood for Application Server), in one of IBM's current Power Server offerings - a wonderful piece of engineering. My company is committed to this technology which was first introduced in 1988 and remains relevant today over 30 years later. The integrated Database and Operating Systems makes for a sound investment which has enhanced its longevity and stability. It is astounding that the IBM i continues to be relevant today and for the foreseeable future.

Solution Development

A well thought out approach to database and programing is key. But putting together a business application is so much more. Technolgy is for sure important in addition to the integration of documents, work flow, security, usability, data collection, and reporting. Here is an example of some of the development effort already put into the SALUTE Framework.

CIO Profesional

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) cares about a company's usage of information to conduct its business affairs. I understand the challenges that Business Owners and Entrepreneurs face as they seek to lead and manage their organizations. This is not an easy task. While Information Technology does not make an organization great, it does support a great organization. It is exciting to be a part of that.

IT Implementation

This is tough because individual team members typically have their daily business to care for and the project team leader may possess other strong abilities not necessarily related to implementing business applications & software solutions. I am willing to work with your programing staff or assemble one for you. The key here is imparting knowledge on how to setup and program within the SALUTE Framework. Going forward you have your own ongoing technical support built in.

System Programming

Solid programing standards and consistent development controls are crucial to all system development. A well thought out approach will yield programs that are effective, efficient, and effortless to use, modify, and manage. Incorporating program logic that is controlled by settings & properties can make a system powerful to use and implement. Great programing builds better business applications that can adapt and stand the test of time. In the end you want systems that are well received and run well.

IT Philoshopy

This has been a journey, sorting out how best to get the job done. We have all heard about IT projects that failed massively even eventually to be scrapped. I have concluded that only when the users of business applications properly interact and come along side with IT professionals can a significant and sound business application come to life. It is assumed here that everyone knows their particular field of expertise and should therefore be respected and heard. Like marriage it takes commitment, communication, and hard work, else divorce and failure will befall you.

IT Implementation

This is tough because individual team members typically have their daily business to care for and the project team leader may possess other strong abilities not necessarily related to implementing business applications & software solutions. I am willing to work with your programing staff or assemble one for you. The key here is imparting knowledge on how to setup and program within the SALUTE Framework. Going forward you have your own ongoing user & technical support built in.

IT Pioneer

A major challenge for IT departments is dealing with ongoing maintenance. Such maintenance can drain the efforts to advance forward with important new features and capabilities. Using the SALUTE Framework to add new enhancements can be very exciting.


Business Analyst

Organized & Committed

The role of the Business Analyst is crucial.  

Evaluating past and current business data with the primary goal of improving decision-making processes within the organization.

Working together with stakeholders to identify goals and best practices by analyzing work flow within the organization.

Working on Laptop

SALUTE Framework

The SALUTE Framework is the name given to our solution development efforts over the last 30 plus years. The diagram below identifies some of the elements that go into a solution. These elements along with technology form the building blocks of solutions and are intended to spark an interest on your part. Please Contact Us to schedule an initial 15 minute phone call.

What is the SALUTE Framework?

SALUTE is the accumulation of years of design & development effort. It is virtually bug free. Writing an application for your business allows us to benefit from previous efforts and common routines (ie. utilities) built into the SALUTE Framework. I like to think of the Framework as a "near" Low Code solution and a "near" Open Source solution. Its approach to custom programing does makes for a quick solution technically speaking. When the technical side of the solution goes well, the implementation and integration with organizational data, workflow and procedures will be the major challenge - as it should be. Without fuel and tracks the train is not going anywhere. Here is an example of the some of the development effort put into the SALUTE Framework. Please understand there is so much more than this diagram allows.


Every organization has a product that they offer. It might be tangible or intangible. Regardless it is important to track and account for. For brick and mortar businesses the need to track product by quantity-on-hand, quantity-off-hand, incoming, outgoing, set aside, service truck, serial number, lot number, box number, etc., and a combination of any of the above. Predefined set of processes may need to be defined and executed.


There is a need to exchange products between parties. Whether it is incoming or outgoing the same kinds of activities need to take place. Special pricing might exists and sometimes you need to configure the product to certain specifications that are unique to a party.


Sometimes we need to track a set of actives as a related group between parties and products – like by project number. That project may progress through a set of defined statuses which need to be monitored and controlled.


Within an organization some activities need to be planned. Whether it is dispatching a party to initiate a repair or scheduling the return of a product, there is a need to be organized and schedule accordingly. Maybe a product needs to be assembled. Also, maybe a product is being returned for repair or rebuilding.


Sometimes an organization needs to track parties and products against a set of who can provide what service. The services provided may need to tracked and reported for quality purposes.


Identifies all the parties and entities that an organization interacts with. This includes everyone from friends to foes. Examples are employees, suppliers, contractors, sales reps, engineers, project leaders, consultants, competitors, dealers, service centers, owners, customers, clients, companies, and the list goes on. There is more to a party than name & address, so much more and we need a central repository to store that information. Tracking events and contacts is also an important function.


Processing can take on many forms and is the engine that drives an organization's objectives and goals.

Electronic Circuit
SALUTE Framework Implementation Basic.png

Run your business effectively & efficiently with excellence while utilizing your existing commitment to the IBM i computer system.

Image by Sergey Zolkin

Project Team Staff
and Support Staff

Staffing the Implementation Project team and the training of all ongoing Support Staff in any IT based project is seldom easy. There is no magic pill or quick fix - it is a lot of effort and commitment on everyone's part as each phase of the project is undertaken.  AEi's main role is to make sure the SALUTE Framework performs well, meets operational objects as defined, and lastly to establish an ongoing & competent support team.


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